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Excursion in Tula
«Tula is the Arsenal of Russia»

Program #6

Fascinating acquaintance with the city, during which time you will get acquainted with the historical center of Tula, its Soviet past and its present life. During the walking part of the tour you will visit the historical part, walk through the Tula Kremlin and take a look at the Kazan embankment. Then, using your transport, the journey will continue, and you will get acquainted with the main streets of our city and make a stop at all our main sights.

You will learn the answers to the questions: Who helps our students to pass exams? Where did the main engineers of military factories live? Where does our football team Arsenal train? And many other interesting facts.

Duration: 3 hours

This tour is suitable for any kinds of visitors who like to walk a lot. IT IS IMPORTANT to be dressed in comfortable shoes, as the course will cover at least 2 km.

Days: any day (in case of my employment on the desired date, I will help you find a sufficient guide who will conduct a tour by the same route).

Meeting point: 8 Mendellevskaya st. (Main entrance to Tula Kremlin).

Route: Kremlin– Lenin square – Turgenev st.– Soviet st. Lenin ave. – Stanislavskogo st. – Toltoy st.– Staronikitskaya st. – Proletarskaya st. – Demidov st. - Kremlin.

Ending point: Kremlin.

Fee: 4 000 RUR

Additional fees: tickets to Kremlin:
- group of 1 to 5 persons – 500 RUR,
- more than 5 persons – 80 RUR each.
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