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Excursion on the Kulikovo Field
"The Kulikovo Field – a place where Russia was born"

Program #7

Tour to the First Russian battlefield
Excursion to the first battlefield of Russia. The distance from Tula to Kulikovo field is 130 kilometers. This tour is for those who want to learn more about the Tula Region, objects, monuments and cultural sites, for those who are interested in the history of the biggest medieval battle of Russia, its prerequisites, consequences, as well as the history of Russia and the Golden Horde, their relationships and clashes.

For this program, I will help to book museums and to think over a route so that you will be able to get acquainted with all objects on the field of Kulikovo. I will also guide you in every museum to give you a full understanding of the battle.

You will learn the answers to the questions: How do small towns of Tula Region survive? Why did Catherin the Second built a palace not far from Tula? Who is Temudjin? Why did the battle of Kulikovo take place? Why do we believe that the victory in the battle of Kulikovo became the beginning of Russia?

This excursion will be interesting for everyone who is interested in the history of Russia.

Days: any day (in case of my employment on the desired date, I will help you find a sufficient guide who will conduct a tour by the same route).

Meeting point: discussed with the customer.

Route: Tula –Bogoroditsk – Epifan– Makhovoe – Red Hill – Tula.


Fee: 6 000 RUR

Additional fees: tickets to Museums on the Kulikovov Field. (Apply for more information).
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