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Excursions in Tula and Tula region
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Hi! My name is Aleksandra and I'm a guide in Tula and the Tula Region. Since my childhood I dreamed of becoming a guide and I have always wanted to introduce guests to the sights of my native land. My dream has become a reality, I love my job and I enjoy it. In my Arsenal there is a huge selection of classical and thematic tours over Tula. The biggest joy for me is to conduct my excursions in English that makes me feel really happy. I love to see when my guests experience of Tula as a wonderful and modern city of Russia with its interesting history and unique craftsmen traditions.
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Excursions in Tula and Tula region

Excursions are conducted in Russian and English, for individuals and legal entities, for one person and for a group.
tourist education.
Guided tours can be conducted in English and Russian.
I love to work and enjoy each excursion.

Experience as a guide for over 10 years.
Excursions in Tula

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